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Houston, Texas, USA (May 6, 2016, Thursday) - YAS Oilfield Services and Equipetrol LLC have signed an exclusive agency
agreement today.  This agreement appoints YAS Oilfield Services as its exclusive agent in United Arab Emirates for the Sales and
Services of the all the products which specifically include:

· Multiple Selector Valve
· Multiple Selector Valve Skid
· Flow Meters - Multi Phase Type (METER/SKID)

About Equipetrol LLC
Equipetrol LLC : Automated solutions for gathering and measurement of Oil, Gas and Water, from the wellhead up to the Custody
With over 25 years experiences in manufacturing products and providing solutions and services to the Venezuelan and around the world
Oil and Gas Industry, starting in 2011 from their new facilities located in Houston, Texas; they provide with global presence the
products and services required upon meeting the expectations and relying on adequate access to technologies, materials and logistic
allowing them to satisfy Customer demand on Quality and delivery and then renewing its commitment to bring “Quality and Technologies
at Customer Service”.
Their team brings several years of technical expertise in the oilfield industry. They understand that it takes innovation and expertise to
build their customer’s solutions. They provide a personal touch by working closely with the customers to develop solutions to meet their
specific performance requirements. Their marketing and technical teams respond by creating cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
An Exclusive Agency Agreement was successfully signed between Equipetrol LLC and YAS Oilfield Services