YAS Oilfield Services was founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as an establishment under the laws and regulations of the UAE Government. The company is 100% owned by a UAE national and it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System, demonstrating its uncompromising commitment to serve and provide the highest quality products and services to its clients and suppliers. It has been established in order to serve the huge business demand in the Oil & Gas Sector, by supplying all equipments to Oil, Gas, Energy, Power, Refinery, Water and other Sectors through representing superior international manufacturers such as SPM Oil & Gas, TIS Manufacturing, Sferova, Equipetrol, Copper State Rubber, Newland Oil tools,  Ergil, Ekoval, OREN, SYI, North Hose, SANSECO Group & AIPU Solid Control.

The Top Management of the Company is equipped with more than
23 years of experiences in the Oil & Gas/Energy Industry. These experiences are primarily specific to ADNOC Group of Companies such as ADNOC ONSHORE, ADNOC OFFSHORE, ADNOC GAS PROCESSING, ADNOC REFINING, ADNOC SOUR GAS, Fertiglobe, ADNOC LNG and etc. and also for ADWEA Group of Companies. These experiences have molded and created a highly reputable and effective Management Team for YAS Oilfield Services. These cover various products such as Wellhead & X-Mass Trees, Wellhead Control Panels, OCTG, Line Pipes & Fittings, Chemical Injection Sub, Rig Equipments, Drill Bits, Valves, Cementing Accessories, Swellable Packers, Hoses, Centralizers, Flow Meters, Instrumentations, Drilling & Production Chemicals Expansion Joint, Flexible Metal Hose, Bellowsand etc.

YAS Oilfield Services
received its ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Managment system which is applicable to:

  Retail sale of Oil and Natural Gas, Wells Equipment & Devices and Spare Parts
  Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Fields & Facilities Services
  Importing, Exporting and Other Associated Components
  Commercial Agencies
About Us
To provide the best competitive prices with best quality and customer service.
To implement the career development and training programs to YAS employees.
To invest in new services.
To be one of the top major supply & service providers to Oil and Gas industry in UAE.
To have the trust and confidence of our customers and keeping our reputation.
- Humanity, Ethics, Accountability, Responsibility, Trust.
- Develop efficient and effective leaders at every level.
- Satisfied customers are essential to our success.

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Teamwork is characterized by great diversity.
Managing a global business in different regions.
We have a long-term outlook for investment.
Keen on the quality of performance and follow-up.
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