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United Arab Emirates (October 5, 2023 Thursday) - YAS Oilfield Services and Newland Oiltools have signed an exclusive agency
agreement. This agreement appoints YAS Oilfield Services as its exclusive agent in United Arab Emirates for the Sales and Services of
the all the products which specifically include:

Casing Accessories
Float Equipment
Cable Protectors

About Newland Oiltools

Newland Oiltools provides OEM cooperation for any brand holder. Including product development, mass production, 24-hour global technical
support, and logistics services. Their product ranges are not limited to casing accessories, cable protectors, etc. Newland Oiltools have rapidly
emerged as a prominent supplier of casing accessories.

Newland Oiltools can provide corresponding technical supports. Including product parameter confirmation and application consulting before and
after sales. For global users, Newland Oiltools is providing timely response at any time within 24 hours. In addition, they provide logistics services
for customers. Warehouses in East Asia, the Middle East, and North America also support the shipment to end users on behalf of customers.

Newland Oiltools is responsible for production according to the agreement. Their internal quality system implements API Q1 standard. The
company effectively control the whole process from raw materials to finished products, and save relevant process control data. These data are also
the basis for user quality traceability.

Newland Oiltools can help you to be successful in the field of casing accessories.

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An Exclusive Agency Agreement was successfully signed between
Newland Oiltools and YAS Oilfield Services